Pnina Ducach

Professional dancing teacher

Pnina Ducach was born in Israel. For a number of years she studied both classical and modern dancing at the Bat-Dor Dance School in Tel-Aviv; then in 1979 she was accepted by and commenced at the Ecole Mudra de Maurice Béjart in Brussels. Later she completed her education by attending the Choreographic Academy of Madame Darvash in New York.

On her return to Israel she joined the Israel Classical Ballet in 1981, and then in 1982 she produced for the Bat-Dor Dance Company in Tel-Aviv. During this period she had the opportunity to tour extensively the United States and South America. In 1983, after an audition in Paris, she joined John Neumeier and his Hambourg Opera Ballet. Later she furthered her career by performing as an independent European soloist. Pnina has had the good fortune to dance her life embracing experiences of different companies and of numerous international tours.

Pnina Ducach

In 1999 she brought into being a long cherished project; the creation and opening of a dancing school and art gallery united under the same roof, and both under her artistic direction. Thus it is here at Versoix, near Geneva, that has been established "Dance Art" where, henceforth, she will teach her art.

Painting is equally an expression of her creativity. She has followed courses with the artist Magda Schneider Kiszio at Montreux, as also at the studio for sculpture at the Ecole d'Art Décoratif in Geneva. There followed a beautiful series of exhibitions and private viewings. In her works one can observe a colourful fiery élan consistent with her choreographic interpretations of gesture and movement.

At the end of each school year the Ecole Danse Art prides itself on giving a performance involving all its pupils for its public.